Now that July is coming to a close, you should have tried plenty of your favorite dairy treats for National Ice Cream Month. It’s been a great time to thank many of our nation’s dairy farmers for raising quality dairy cows and producing some of the safest milk supplies in the world. Here are a few of my favorite dairy farmers and links to their pages on Social Media. Stop by and give em a shout and thank em for their hard work.

Gilmer Dairy Farm, Lamar County, Alabama (web, blog, facebook, twitter, youtube)
Nancy Grossi, California (facebook, blog, twitter)
Trent Bown, Utah (twitter)
Ray-Lin Dairy, Denair, California (facebook, twitter, blog)
Zweber Farms, Elko, Minnesota (web, blog, twitter)

This is just a handful of the many, many dairy farmers online. Be sure to check em out and send em a word. And now that you know what your favorite ice cream flavor is… See what your favorite flavor says about your personality. It’s be a fun lil test that’s about as accurate as your horoscope.
Happy National Ice Cream Month

National Ice Cream Month Infographic By Ultimate Coupons