I’m the kind of person that is always looking for improvement. I can’t seem to settle and believe there is always more to learn. So how can I improve my blogging skills? I’m going to take a few posts to share tips, thoughts and ideas about blogging, answer a few questions I’ve received, and maybe help a few others getting their start in the blogging world. I’m no pro, but no one is making you take my advice.

Sitting in the Pasture is my original blog, now mostly used for Wordless Wedneday posts and thoughts that do not fit the outline of Agriculture Proud

Well, for starters I’ve got quite a bit on my plate. I maintain 5 posts each week on this blog and at least one (usually Wordless Wednesdays) on another blog. At times it feels like a job in itself. I often get asked how I keep up with so many posts. Well, it’s a never-ending task. Most posts are thought up in the pasture while I’m checking cows, driving the tractor, and fixing fence. A topic will come to mind, I’ll mull it over, think about it, and usually layout the post in my head. Then it only takes 15 minutes to write each post when I get home. Easier said than done, but once ya get in the routine, it gets easier.

The posts I find easiest are the random things that pop in my head from nowhere. Posts about fixing fence, or moving bulls, or even the cow that jumped the cattle guard. Sometimes an idea comes from a random photo I’ve taken or a conversation I’ve had with someone. There’s no set rhyme or rule to it. I’ve tried using those “Top 30 Blog Post Ideas” lists online, but none really relate to ranching or agriculture. I think it’s more important to be yourself.

Posting this random photo on Facebook led to an entire blog post about ranch life and over 80 responses online.

Once you have your post written, ALWAYS proof read. Read over the post at least once. If you can’t stand to completely read through your post, how will any one else? Most blogging sites have a spell check option. Use it! Look for opportunities to include a few links throughout your post. Maybe you mentioned someone, link to their twitter handle. Did you mention another blog or website? Link it. Is there a word that you could define in your post? Link to a web page describing that word. These links give your readers things to do and a way to be interactive.


No one said blogging has to be perfect. If it was, we’d all be professional journalists or authors. Blogging should be fun. I think of it as an ongoing conversation and a journal of my thoughts. For a long while, I found it hard to believe anyone ever wanted to read what I had to say. Then I was surprised at how many people are interesting the basics and every day life in ranching and agriculture.

Here are 5 quick tips I try to follow in my blogging. Sometimes I veer across the white line, but try to keep true to these points.

  • Be real and authentic about your passion for Agriculture
  • Show the enthusiasm for your passion
  • Keep it simple and to the point
  • Make it a candid point of view (everything in life is not flowers and sunshine)
  • Stick to your experience. You can’t defend everyone

Stay tuned for more posts on blogging. I’ll try to get em all in within a couple of weeks. I’ll talk about photos, comments, videos, and sharing your blog posts. Be sure to leave me any thoughts or comments!