It’s here, just around the corner. The arbitrary day set aside for show our dad’s how special they are. Really, I won’t even get to see my dad this weekend, but I sure think he’s pretty special every day of the year.

my dad at football game

If there’s one person that’s had more influence on my desire to be a great cattle rancher one day, more than any other, that person would be my dad. Ever since I could drive the battery powered Jeep from the house to the horse barn, I’ve been on my dad’s heels. Out there messing with horses, bottle feeding calves, asking so many questions I land on his last nerve, or pleading for him to turn around when I overslept by 5 minutes on Saturday mornings. Even though he’s given me that awful, awful thinning hair at an awful young age, he’s taught me more about raising cattle than I could ever learn in a classroom.

Ranch dad’s are pretty awesome. I can’t imagine growing up not being able to go to work with both parents any day of the week. Or anyone else who will teach ya to drive a stock trailer by hooking up the 32′ stock trailer on the ranch roads. Or somebody that’ll set ya straight, teach ya manners, and respect quicker than any ranch dad will. Even though I tease him about his loss of hearing or always losing his phone, I still call him up for advice all the time.

Here’s to all the dad’s this weekend who work hard to pass on their passions to the next generation. What’s so special about your dad this weekend? Be sure to let him know.

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