From the Hay Field

Just a short vlog from the hay-field the other day while I was waiting for a second opinion that the hay mower was broken and that it wasn’t operator error. Turns out it was something done wrong while piecing it back together.

Windrows of cut grass, curing in the sun, waiting to be baled in the coming days


  1. I liked your video blog. Participating for a short time in last night’s #agchat made me homesick for the small farm I was raised on. Good luck with your bailing, and your equipment repairs!

    All the best, Red Dirt kelly

  2. Howdy Ryan…My thoughts go your way as I hear the echo of bawling calves …mommas are deaf to them as they graze on the other side of the river…new babies growing and old babies weaned! How are you? We’re still bringing in corn from the fields…beans long done…weeks of no rain has been a harvest dream….but the men are weary and need a good dust settling rain so they can “sleep in” one morning with that sound on the window that can lull you back to dreams!~Take care friend~Tricia

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