Wordless Wednesday: Hay Season Begins!

One several large trees blown over by this Spring’s storms

With highs reaching the mid-90s, cattle are hitting the shade shortly after 8 AM

And finally, the first of this year’s hay crop is on the ground!


  1. YEA for hay season! It is definitely one of our favorite times of the year. Nothing like the feeling you have after working all day in the feilds…accomplished, satisfied, blessed…
    Loved the pics!

  2. Wow, awesome photos! Love the second one especially.

    We may not start haying here until July. Keeps raining, and it's been too cool for the hay to grow much. Usually we're cutting at the end of May!

  3. Mid 90's?!? We can't seem to get above 60 for more than a day at a time. Our alfalfa is 10-12 inches tall and we've only watered 3 days…didn't even get over all the fields! I'm lighting the wood stove as I type…crazy weather.

    Guess I have to live through hayin' season vicariously through your blog! Gorgeous shots BTW~

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