Amazing opportunities are knocking at my door. This weeked I travel to New Mexico and on Monday I have the opportunity to speak to elementary, middle, and high school youth, FFA members, and their parents about Agriculture. I’m not that nervous about talking. Get me started talking about what I do everyday, and you have to put me on a stopwatch. It’s the speaking to so many levels in one day that makes me nervous…

I decided a while back that I would love to start speaking with groups about Agriculture, using my theme “Agriculture Proud” as a starting point. I think it’s a message many would soak in with enthusiasm. My theme for the FFA banquet is “Build Your Own Future.” So I’m gonna spew some thoughts here. Please leave any thoughts or comments. I’m looking for a sounding board.

There are so many great opportunities to build a future within Agriculture. Those of us within Agriculture realize these opportunties, but what about everyone else?

Having pride in what you do for a living is one thing. There is no doubt I am proud to be a part of Agriculture. But it’s more about having a passion for your line of work. How do you find that passion and how can you seek out a job that you will enjoy?

Agriculture is a huge part of this nation’s economy. Not only in farming and ranching areas, but also food processing, transport, and marketing. How can we better connect American consumers with origins of their food and recognized those involved in the whole process?

Can you name your state’s top five Agriculture commodities? Where do those products end up? Isn’t this something we should at least be aware of?

I go to the restaurant to get a burger. How many farmers or ranchers should I thank for this food on my plate?

Please share your thoughts on these topics. It’ll help me spur the ideas turning in my mind.