May marks 4 months that I have been working on my Stamps, States, and AgFacts project (collecting postcards from all 50 states while learn facts about each state’s Agriculture). So far I have collected postcards from 29 states and have learned a ton about this country’s Agriculture.

Since I have passed the half-way point in this project, I thought I would share some highlights.

  • I have collected 31 postcards from the folks in Kansas. A special thank you to the Kansas YF&R and Jody Termine, and the Kansas State Collegiate Cattlewomen for sending me several of these. All of them with different facts. These Kansas Aggies know their facts and how to share them.
  • Of special note with multiple cards are the good folks in North Dakota, Florida, and California. Have to thank ya’ll.
  • My favorite cards so far came from Jeff Reed in Fargo, ND and Mark Rohrich (Twitter, from North Dakota) with a postcard from his favorite island to visit, Hawaii.
  • My sisters even pitched in the project by picking up a few postcards from their recent trip to Sea World in San Antonio
  • I have learned that California (Almonds) and Hawaii (Pineapple and Macademia Nuts) can claim 100% production of certain food crops.
  • I have yet to receive a postcard from my homestate of Arkansas (What a shame, but I can’t quite send one to myself).

Please take a look at my project page and learn more about Agriculture in your state. It would be a great project to help your FFA or 4-H youth learn about food production in your area. Let me know if you use the idea so I can share with others.

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Thank you to everyone who has sent in a postcard. If you have yet to spend $0.28 on a postcard stamp, my address is listed on the project page. I am still looking for postcards from several states (Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia). Even if your state is listed, feel free to send a postcard. There are plenty of AgFacts out there for everyone to share.