Tornadoes, Tack, and Laundry

I have seen just about everything Arkansas weather has to offer the ranch today. Tornado warnings, rain, hail, wind, floods, 30 degree temperature swings, lightning, and now sun! Everything but snow and fire. Guess I could light a match and shave some ice and fix that problem.

As soon as I steped out the door this morning, I figured there was a good size storm headed our way. The temperature was 78, it was so humid outside you would have to cut it with a steak knife and all of the cows were bedded under the trees by 8 this morning. I couldn’t even listen to the radio without weather warnings interupting the songs. Then about 9:30 the sky got black and sure enough, we had us a Tornado Warning.

Don’t worry though, I just headed to the house to work on record books and clean some tack while the storm passed through. After it passed, it was back out the door to finish checking and feeding cattle. With an extra layer of clothes though, because the temps had dropped behind the storms.

It’s all part of life on the ranch. Get the chores done between the storms, then we can head to the house when the West Texas wind decides to move East to Arkansas.

Grin and bear it. Just another day on the ranch…


  1. Ok so obviously, my sister and I are new followers of your blog. =) I noticed that you follow the church of Christ university center @ OSU. Pretty cool. Is that where you go to church? My sis and I go to a church of Christ so I was just curious. =)
    Btw, our weather's been pretty crazy here too!

  2. Wow, so this is really cool about you being a member of the Church too! =)
    And i'm really enjoying your blog already! I have two horses and I really hope to get some cows someday. I'm a member of our local cattle women's association right now… trying to learn all I can! So I look forward to maybe learning more from your blog too! =)
    Thanks for replying to the comment… great to meet ya too!

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