It is National Agriculture Week and this means we are celebrating the American farmers and ranchers that work hard daily to produce food, fiber, and fuel for families around the world. As I told you yesterday, I am challenging everyone to share their story and tell others why they are proud to be a part of Agriculture. There might even be a giveaway involved, but you will just have to check it out to learn more.

Today I want to ask you to share the story of production Agriculture with those in your local community. There are many opportunities to do this in your everyday life. Contact your local Farm Bureau, Extension office, or other Ag groups and let them know you are willing to volunteer your time or effort to activities that promote Agriculture.

A great way to reach several people in your area is through a letter to the editor of local newspapers. Many folks in town take time to read the paper each morning, so this is a great way to share the message of Agriculture and let them know you are willing to share more with them about the work of farmers and ranchers to produce their food. Here is an example letter to the editor. Use it as you will, change it up and make it personal. Let the community know that Agriculture may be closer than they realize.

Did you know American Farmers and Ranchers make up only 2% of the population? The average American farmer produces enough food to feed 144 people each year! I am (NAME) a (OCCUPATION) in (LOCATION) and I invite you to celebrate Ag Day on March 15. This day celebrates the contributions of American Farmers and Ranchers to provide safe, quality, and affordable food for tables around the world. Their work to produce meat, vegetable, dairy, fuel, and fiber products influences our lives daily. These Farmers and Ranchers work hard to provide for their crops and livestock using technology and an invested knowledge of their production methods. I invite you to contact me to learn more about how your food travels from pasture to plate. Hosted by the Agriculture Council of America, Ag Week runs March 13-19. Learn more at or search for local Farmers and Ranchers on Social Media tools like blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.

Use it as you will, change it up, and make it personal. Send this to local newspapers, radio stations, or other media outlets. Let the community know that Agriculture may be closer than they realize.

Let me know how you plan to participate in National Agriculture Week. Be sure to send me a link to anything you post telling why you are Proud to be a part of Agriculture so I can share it.