Recently, I took time to do an interview with Pam Fretwell and the Consumer Ag Connection radio show. Pam does a great job sharing the stories of farmers and ranchers with consumers in large urban areas across the country. This is a great way to connect consumers with those who produce their food.

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Also, listen to my interviews with Pam as I discuss my work in social media straight from the pasture.

Part 1 – Join Pam Fretwell on today’s Consumer Ag Connection radio show as she gets an update with a young advocate who is making a difference in telling the story of ag.

Part 2 – Ryan Goodman talks with Pam Fretwell about the time involved with social media and some innovative ways he tries to get consumers involved with him.

Part 3 – On today’s show Ryan Goodman talks with Pam Fretwell about his life working in a feedlot in west Texas.

Part 4 – Ryan Goodman invites other farmers to tell their stories with his new idea- states, stamps, and ag facts, find out how you can spread the story of ag to others.

Part 5 – Ryan Goodman talks about how consumers are interested in daily livestock production and the basics in meat production. How do you handle negative comments?

Part 6 – Our last day with Ryan Goodman talking about his advocacy role, and how we have to be able to reconnect with consumers.

Please take a moment to listen to these 3 minute segments and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Have a Radio Show directed toward consumers or agriculture producers? Contact me ( if you would like to hear my ideas for Agvocacy.