So do you have a postcard yet? Or are you waiting to find an Ag Fact? Or maybe you really don’t want to put forth the effort. (Stepping on some toes yet?)

In last Monday’s post (50 States, 50 Stamps, and 1 Common Love for Agriculture) I introduced my Stamps on Ag Facts goal for 2011; to collect a post card from every state and learn about Agriculture with each. I’ve had a lot of interest and many emails for my address. And I have already received one card from Julie in Vermont! I am working on a great way to post these cards, it just takes a little sit down effort on my part.

So why are you not participating? Here are some great ideas to get you off your feet and that postcard in the mail:

  • Take a photo of something Food Production or Agriculture related, print it, and send it as a postcard. (Yes, this does work. I’ve done it before!)
  • Cut out a piece of card-stock and tape a photo on it. (Tacky? Not really, I think it’s pretty creative myself.)
  • Get creative. I’m interested in collecting all sorts of postcards, so I want to see what you can come up with.
  • Afraid someone has already sent one from your state? Don’t worry, I am looking for multiple post cards from each state. There is more than one thing interesting about each state’s Agriculture.

Can’t find an Ag Fact or really do not know any off the top of your head?

  • Visit any of your state websites. Extension, Dept of Ag, Dept of Tourism, Forestry, Dairy, Beef. There is an entire laundry list of resources, just find similar sites for your state. (To be honest I kind of got side tracked here because there are so many great sites from which to get Ag Facts.)
  • If you’re an AgNerd like some, you can download the latest Ag Census data from the USDA – NASS website.


Now you have no excuses. A postcard is cheap, a postcard stamp is only $0.28, and a trip to the mailbox is good exercise (if you still remember how to snailmail). Send me an email ( or message me on Facebook or Twitter, get my address, and get the postcard in the mail so we can all start learning about Agriculture. (Oh yeah include that return address and I will send you one from Arkansas!)