Well, we are going on day 5 with the snow in Arkansas. Just one of the 49 other states with snow on the ground this week. Crazy ain’t it. Most of the main roads are clear, but the bridges and shady spots are still sheets of ice. The pastures are still covered in snow. The cattle are sucking up the hay like madmen; keeping me tied to the tractor every morning this week.

Lost my phone yesterday, but found it in a mud hole this morning. After I dried it out, I think it will make a full recovery. Aaron suggests that it’s karma from a photo I posted showing that my truck said it was 88 degrees last week.

For those Cattle forecasters, economists, or Ag-business people out there, I have a question. With the U.S. beef cow herd reaching historical lows, what is the outlook for the stock cow/replacement markets? Will it pay to keep a few more heifers this season to sell later? When might the stock cow market peak for producers rebuilding herds? A few questions from a young producer looking to invest in the cattle herd. Your feed back is greatly appreciated.

What obstacles might producers in your area be facing as it relates to maintaining or building a cow herd? More thoughts on our struggles in later posts, so keep an eye out.