Tomorrow I will pretty much finish up my move to Prattsville. Almost all of my things are gathered in one place, my horses will be with me again, and I can finally set up in a house all to myself. No more college roommates. No more plastic furniture. It will be great to be living on the ranch!

This will be my 12th zip code in less than 4.5 years, and I more than ready to become a little more settled. But, I do not regret any of my travels. I have seen many states, types of cattle production, and made friends from one end of the country to the other. From the green of the Ozarks, to the Mountains of Wyoming, Red Dirt in Oklahoma, and Tumbleweeds of Texas, I have experienced quite a bit in just a short time.

As I get started here on the ranch in Arkansas, I get settled back into a familiar environment, doing what I love most, and as a bonus, I am not far from family and friends. It’s going to be a great new adventure.

What is a favorite place where you have traveled/lived? What did you find to help you settle into the new area?