2011 is just around the corner and over the next two weeks I will be taking a look forward at what will be to come with the new year. 2010 has been an interesting year in my life; finishing college, starting a new job, moving to new places, and jumping in the field of Agvocacy.

Last week #AgChat held a discussion on Ag Successes moving into the new year. Questions took a look at what happened in 2010 and what will we do to better advocate agriculture in 2011. I was lucky to have my question included in the conversation: #5 What will be the big, new ideas/Agvocate efforts to promote food production to consumers? Take a moment to read through the comments and ideas from that discussion.

My goal for Agvocacy in 2011 includes different sectors of Agriculture better working together in Agvocacy efforts. So many times supporters of conventional, natural, or organic methods claw at each others’ throats and cut each other down just to try to get a leg up on the competition. This childs’ play is getting us nowhere and only making us look bad. I hope that we can step up, take the high road, and each fill our niche. Market your product to consumers without knocking out the competition at the knees like a set of bowling pins. After all, shouldn’t the goal of all agriculture producers be to feed people?

A personal goal for Agvocacy in 2011 is to share my story better. I am making a career move back to the ranch in Arkansas. Great opportunities come and go, so when they do I have to take advantage of them. My goal is to share my story from the ranch with more enthusiasm and to educate more consumers on where their food is produced. My goal includes being more descriptive of what happens in cattle production and taking advantage of video more often in my writing.

What are your goals for Agvocacy in 2011? What would you like to see more of in my posts? I’ll never know what you are looking for unless you voice your opinion!