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TSCRA, NCBA, ACA, LMA, 4-H, FFA. Are you confused? Cause I sure am! There are so many organizations and associations in the Agriculture community. Why not get involved today?

Growing up in Arkansas, I was always involved in the Ag community. I was heavily involved in 4-H programs, FFA was offered at my High School after we consolidated with a larger district, and I was a regular following my dad to the Cattlemen’s meetings. Now that I will find myself back in Arkansas, I look forward to finding myself in a position to become more involved in the Ag community.

Involvement in your community is great. It’s all about giving back and growing. One of my favorite things to do is teach others about what I love most, the cattle business. Teaching youth, people who are not familiar with my lifestyle, and even my peers. Teaching others about what I love is where I learn best. It keeps my mind fresh and keeps me involved. I love that lightbulb moment when someone catches on to an idea or comes in contact with cattle or horses for the first time. I want to get out there and share with others what I have experienced and encourage my peers to do the same.

What organization is best for me? Where can I make the biggest impact and become involved?

I have seen the advertisements for industry conventions and trade shows, but have never had the opportunity to participate. I always thought it would be interesting to attend the NCBA, TSCRA, and even State Cattlemen’s conventions. Guess my family never had the time or means to go to things like that when I was a kid. Now that I am older, I would really love to be more involved. I look forward to the opportunities my new start in Arkansas will bring.

What organizations are you involved in? Are you able to attend any industry conventions or trade shows? Which do you recommend? What involvement do you gain the most from?


  1. If you going to do anything in the cattle industry I recommend getting involved with your local and state Cattlemen’s association. They will be aware of local and state issues that affect you directly and also provide good educational experiences and great connections for new, upcoming producers. I am personally a member of my state Cattlemen’s and Cattlewomen’s association. I also am a member of NCBA and the Young Producer’s Council that is an off-shoot of NCBA for young producers ages 18-35. I highly recommend getting involved in both of these also. I have only been involved for a little over a year and I can tell you I can’t believe the people I’ve met and stay in touch with now. I’ve attended both NCBA National Convention and the NCBA Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. I can honestly say that attending both of these conventions has provided me with priceless networking opportunities and great educational seminars. I really appreciated the Legislative Conference because we learned about current political issues that are affecting the cattle industry right now and actually got to speak to legislators about these issues. So as a NCBA and YPC member I say, “We’d love to have you!” I can hook you up with some other people that could also give you some great perspective on the organization! Just let me know what if you’d like to know more. Also, I’ve never had an opportunity to get involved with my state’s Farm Bureau but I think that it is also a great organization to be involved in. Hope this helps. Who knows, maybe I’ll run into you at the 2012 NCBA Convention in Nashville, TN!!!

    1. Thanks Jesse. Good advice. Since I’ve found that flying is actually enjoyable, you might see me jumping around to those things. Maybe Nashville will be a possibility.

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