Wordless Wednesday:Ranch Sunsets

Needless to say watching the sunset is something that makes me AgProud. Here are few scenes from recent excursions.

F.M. 281 near Canadian, Texas
Rita Blanca Lake near Dalhart, Texas

Rita Blanca Lake near Dalhart, Texas
Lutrick place near Estancia, NM - there's tons more of these

Photos are a great way to tell others why you are AgProud. Share with me a photo that depicts why you are AgProud and you will be entered to win a free pair of Justin boots in the AgProud Christmas Giveaway. Entries taken through December 16.


  1. I totally agree with Ryan. The best times to know what AgProud means, are:(1) right before the sun comes up when all is quiet and you can hear a pin drop and only the early sounds of nature, and (2) right before the sun goes down when nature is also settling in to rest. And, a few hours past sunset when you can hear the nightlife cranking up…coyotes yipping it up for the night run. Life in the country is good.

  2. These are wonderful photos! So many do not get to see this sight, as farmers and ranchers we are able to wake up to this every morning! Wouldn’t change it for the world. What a great way to agvocate the beauty of the land!

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