I’m Ag Thankful because I love to eat. A lot; especially meat and potatoes. My deep love affair with meat and starch is made possible by one lone group of people. America’s farmers and ranchers. You see, I currently don’t contribute to the GDP. I don’t produce anything. However, I consume constantly. If it weren’t for the hardworking farmers and ranchers of our nation, who work 24/7/365 in order to provide me with an abundant safe and healthy food supply, I’d be left to eating Ramen three times a day which is a rather large step down from meat and taters.

I’m Ag Thankful because agriculture has employed my family for the past 60 years and will provide me with a career in the somewhat near future. Buzzards weren’t made for concrete and sky scrapers – we long to be in the country, working with the land and livestock. Agriculture and food production have enabled us to work in an industry that we love. Going to work every morning isn’t feared; it’s embraced.


Lastly, I’m Ag Thankful because being an ag kid has supplied me with many of the life lessons, skills and morals that have made me who I am today. Example 1: While owning and showing 4-H animals is fun, the truth of the matter is that livestock are for consumption – the ‘circle of life’ was learned at the tender age of 5. Example 2: If you want something, you’ve got to work for it. Whether it’s raising calves, growing crops or earning a degree, nothing worthwhile in life comes easy– that needs little explanation.

Agriculture has not only made me who I am but it continues to provide me with new and exciting opportunities as well as feed me! That’s called a hat trick in the sports world.

Brandi Buzzard is an Animal Science Graduate Student at Kansas State University. An avid Blogger, rodeo competitor, and proud advocate for agriculture. Thank you so much Brandi for sharing your thoughts.

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