It’s cotton harvest time across much of the South. All those fields covered in white will soon be harvested if not already, and it will all be turned into things you use every day. From the T-shirt and jeans you are wearing now, to by-products used in cattle feeding, cotton affects our daily lives more than you know.

Janice created this nifty photo. Click to view a search for all of the Cotton 101 posts.

Janice Person has an interesting “Cotton 101” series on her blog right now and I want to share part of it with you today. Janice is lucky enough to have worked with cotton farmers all across the South for many years, but she did not grow up on a farm herself. Her introduction to Ag came after her childhood, so she brings a great perspective to agriculture production through the words of her blog.

Here are some points from her blog with some interesting facts about cotton bolls:

  • The part that holds the seed & lint onto the plant, you can see it separating two separate tufts, that is called the bract. Earlier in the season, that provides the protection for the fiber as it develops & matures. At harvest, they are tough like tree bark and can cut up your hands if you aren’t careful.
  • The fiber grows in 4-5 small tufts called locks.
  • Each lock contains a few seed and the lint is tightly attached to that seed.  You can feel the see in there pretty quickly.

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