Wordless Wednesday: Farm Flashback

You’ll have to forgive me this week. I’ve shared all of my photos from my trip to Colorado and these long days in the yard have left me worn. Fall is a rough time of the year as the nights really cool off and the days still get warm. That temperature swing is tough on cattle everywhere and they require a lil more TLC. So I’ll share a few of my favorite Farm Flashbacks.

Fall is here ya’ll and Santa’s not too far away. So drag out your deer blinds and enjoy this time of year. Send me some great photos of Fall around your place. I’d love to see what’s going on in your neck of the woods. Email me your photos (agricultureproud@hotmail.com) or post them on the I am Agriculture Proud Facebook group.

Ryan Goodman lives in Colorado, is an avid trail and ultrarunner, and works with farmers and ranchers to help them share their stories of agriculture and how food is raised. Connect with Ryan online as @BeefRunner. #TeamBeef.
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