Life at the Feedyard

Pies! Have I told ya’ll how much I love pies? Coconut cream, pecan, chocolate, cherry, pumpkin; my list of favorites goes on and on. As a kid, I was always tagging along when my father went to the cattle auctions so I have great appreciation for those great sale barn cooks out there. Still every time I travel home, my grandmother makes sure I have some sort of pie during my time there. I was reminded of these great memories at work the other day. We have a café at the yard, so the office always smells of great food in the mornings.

Life at the feedyard is staying busy, but busy sure keeps me out of trouble! Receiving and processing cattle is a full-time job at a yard with 65,000+ cattle. Many mornings I start my day counting freshly printed tags. 20 to a bundle, sometimes 15 bundles to a group. It is safe to say I get much practice counting from one to twenty.

I also get plenty of practice counting when unloading cattle trucks. I generally count every load of cattle twice. Not because I am unsure of my count, rather because if I miscount, it’s $700+ for every head I miscount that the feedyard has to make-up. Receiving cattle is interesting because I get to talk with truck drivers from across the country. I have met some very interesting guys, and during silage harvest there were many people with British accents, but I was assured they were not from England.
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  1. They were South African I bet? We have quite a few of them around here during silage harvest. Who knows, sometime I might bring a load of cattle up. Coronado Fdyd, right? I have been there once or twice I think…. Hauling a load up to Hartley Feeders tomorrow.

    One time we miscounted by two head going on the truck and when they came off and we found out there were some pretty upset guys all around. Another time it was late at night and my father-in-law was one short. They counted over a couple times, still one short. About the time he started to leave he heard the one still in the truck run around.

    Cafe at the yard! Nice.

  2. Yeah man, ya never know. If you find yourself at Coronado, look me up.

    Counting cattle off trucks can be a nightmare. I've heard all sorts of stories from the truck drivers and old night watchmen.

    I think I'll get worse ulcers from worrying about gates being left open as I push 300 cattle from one side of the yard to the other.

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