A small group of Americans wake up each day to serve others.

Making up less than 2% of the population, they influence every single person on the globe.

These people work day in and out. Weekends. Holidays. Sun or Rain. Through Snow, Sleet, and Hail. Before Sunrise til After Sunset.

Each day brings new challenges, many of which are out of their control.

These people must be laborers and business-minded.

These people have the greatest office space in the world and take care of this environment better than if it were their own.

So many others try to take this life from them, but not many are willing to take their place.

These people are America’s Farmers and Ranchers and they produce food, fiber, and fuel for people around the world.

Each time I eat. Each time I wear clothes. Each time I consume energy. I thank a farmer and rancher for their hard work. These are humble people, who live their lives, work long, hard days, and expect little in return for their services in comparison to their impact on the world population. When was the last time you told a farmer or rancher thank you?

How can you thank a farmer and rancher today? What can you do to learn more about the hard work they do to produce food, fiber, and fuel?

Why are you proud to be a part of Agriculture? Why do you choose a life in Agriculture? How can you share what you do to produce food, fiber, and fuel?

Think about it. Act upon it.

Want to share your story, appreciation, or tell why you are proud to be a part of this great world? Send me an email or link and I will share it here. agricultureproud@hotmail.com