To wrap up this week’s travels on the farm, I am going to Independence, Iowa with today’s Ag Blog of interest. Jon Blin has a young new blog with some great potential. The JJB Cattle Company blog shares the story of life on the Hereford cattle operation with Jon. Preparation for show and sale, corn harvest, and calving season are just a few of the topics that Jon covers in this blog.

  • How did you and/or your family begin working in Agriculture? My Grandfather had a couple horses and showed dairy calves as a child and wanted my sister and I to show cattle. We each got a heifer one year and it has been non-stop ever since.
  • What do you enjoy most about your job/life being involved with Agriculture?The people in the Hereford industry are the biggest enjoyment.
  • What is one thing related to your respective work in Agriculture you wish consumers better understood? The amount of dedication and sincere love we have for these animals and that we would never wish harm upon them.
  • What motivated you to begin sharing your Agriculture story online? The first motivation was to use the Blog as a marketing tool and now it is more to help not only customers but others as well understand more about what goes into seedstock production.
  • What is your advice to those who want to begin sharing their Agriculture stories online? Just do it… plain and simple.
  • What have you found to be successful when sharing your Ag story online? Though my blog is very young I have found that pictures work and take lots… keep the camera with you and just snap them. Working in agriculture we get to see some of the most beautiful scenes in the world and if you have the camera handy you don’t have to be a pro to capture a bit of its beauty.

That wraps up this week’s tour of ranch blogs, but I hope to make this tour again in coming weeks. Do you have a favorite blog that shares the real story of food production. Fall harvest, cattle, horses, or urban agriculture, I want to find out about all of these. Send me your favorite blog links ( and I will share with you the story behind the blog.