This week we are on a trip around the country to visit some farmers and ranchers who are doing their part to share the story of Agriculture online and in their daily lives. Monday we visited Debbie in Kansas, today we are headed to Northwest Indiana to visit the Ransoms. Lauren shares with us about her family who raises field corn, soybeans and cattle. Her husband, who happens to be a 7th generation farmer, also holds a job selling John Deere equipment. Settle in with a warm cup of Joe and read along as Lauren shares the story behind her blog.

  • How did you and/or your family begin working in Agriculture? It is something that has been passed down from generation to generation as far as we can remember…It was an obvious choice for us when we got married…we decided to continue that tradition and dive full force into farming and livestock…and take initiative for ourselves…and expand on our acreage and what has already been passed down.  We have big dreams and are only at the beginning.
  • What do you enjoy most about your job/life being involved with Agriculture? The rewards and the fact that there is always something to do on the farm.  We are excited to pass this lifestyle onto our children.  They will grow up doing chores and working in the field…Our goal is to do this solely as a family…When our children are at the right age…they will be helping out in every way possible…whether it be taking care of our livestock or tagging along with us while we work ground, plant, or harvest…Our son is already involved with the whole process at the young age of 2 1/2…he loves riding with his dad and grandpa…and as silly as it sounds…this is the age where the whole “learning the farm” starts…and it really is a beautiful thing witness.  And to us…the benefits and rewards are endless…not just for us, but for our children as well.
  • What is one thing related to your respective work in Agriculture you wish consumers better understood? How big of a risk farming is and that we can not name our own price for the product we produce…which in return…can mean major losses or major gains within literally a blink of an eye…which could possibly put your whole operation at risk…and quite possibly end everything you have ever worked for (that is a bit dramatic, but very real).  Also, a lot of people dont really understand what goes into producing that crop…like soil type, hybrids, fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides, nitrogen, ph levels, the weather, tillage and so, so, so much…a lot of the time, people think you just run your planter out there and poof!  Your crop grows!
  • Please describe the aim of your site. What do you write about most? The aim of my site is to educate in a fun and friendly way.  I mostly write about our farm, our two young children and our soon to be cattle business.
  • What motivated you to begin sharing your Agriculture story online? I was raised in suburbia…I still have a lot of family and friends who live that life…I always get asked questions about our lifestyle…and I soon began to realize how little they knew about Agriculture…so I decided to focus more on our family farm operation on our blog…to inform family…to inform friends…and mostly to inform anyone else who stumbled upon our blog who had no idea about Agriculture.  Iam constantly getting comments about how excited people are to have found our blog…and they always mention how they had no idea about how things run as a farmer…And that is what I strive for…And I hope that Iam getting that word out…so that when John Doe is driving down the highway…and sees a combine in the field or a tractor tilling up the land…they have a better understanding as to what he or she is doing…and how important it is…
  • What is your advice to those who want to begin sharing their Agriculture stories online? I would have to ask…”what are you waiting for?!”  I can only see the positive in starting an Ag. related blog…and of course…you will find people that still dont understand…but atleast you planted a little bug in their ear!  Also, find your little way to keep it interesting…you dont always have to drill people with information…make it fun so that people will want to come back!
  • What have you found to be successful when sharing your Ag story online? People seem to love the photos and videos and incorporating our children into that equation…People are really intrigued about our life…and sometimes they are surprised as to how “normal” we are…and that we are not the “stereotype” people sometimes peg on farmers.

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