A few weeks ago we had a few calves decide the top fence rail was no challenge. So they hopped right over and two of them have not been seen since. It is always an interesting feat to find missing cattle. This is especially true when you are in the middle of crop country and fences may be few and far between. We took all day looking for those calves and here are a few photos snapped along the way.

We have to start off looking for a few tracks. I found some, but the cattle had already moved on.

It is very hard to see the cattle in this Johnson grass when they lie down
No cattle in the sunflowers. But it sure is neat to see how they all turn to face the sun!
Finally I follow the tracks to find the cattle have ventured into the corn and we were never able to find them in there.

It is always an adventure trying to find livestock that escape. Their adrenaline starts pumping and it is amazing how fast and far they will go. Do you have any stories of searching for livestock that may have escaped? Share them with me and find many more farmers and ranchers on the I am Agriculture Proud Facebook group.