Are you familiar with the Agriculture Extension programs? Ag Extension agents have had a special place in my life for some time. Part of the Land grant University system, the Ag Extension service works to educate the general public about current research and new methods being used in Agriculture production.

You may be familiar with the 4-H programs that are facilitated by the extension service. These agents work hard in community outreach and education on a variety of subjects, not just agriculture.

As a youth in Arkansas I had interactions with the Extension service in two different ways. The first was the county 4-H program. The Extension agents in my county worked so hard to facilitate all of the 4-H events in our area. The organized competitions, field days, took us to state camps and competitions, worked ever so hard on county fair week, and always found time to get to know us as family friends. It is amazing the amount of work they can accomplish with such a variety of programs going on. The second was through the county Cattlemen’s Association. The Ag Extension agents often hosted field days for Cattlemen’s meetings; putting on demonstrations and supplying much needed information to the county’s producers.

Do you utilize the extension service for information on crop and livestock production? Were you a member of 4-H as a youth? Have you had other interactions with the extension service in your state? A big THANK YOU to these agents who work so hard to spread the good word about agriculture in so many cities and towns across this country!