So I took a road trip this weekend. Jumped in the truck and headed toward New Mexico. Little did I know I would end up in Trinidad, Colorado. We’re working on fixing the fact that I think too much. I always have everything planned out in my head. So it was something new for me to jump in the truck with a full tank of gas, no map, and no destination in mind. Now I have a problem. I have learned the mountains are only two hours west of Dalhart and after being in the Panhandle all summer just driving through the foothills Saturday I was like a kid in the candy store. Oh man do I love the mountains!

On the road. Raton is only an hour. Let’s go there.
Oh the Rockies! We’ll just have to keep driving. (This is the part where I was in awe. Not because of the Razorbacks graffiti, but rather the mountains only being 2 hours away!)
Trinidad, Colorado!
Gotta say that downtown was a pretty neat sight. We do not see many like this around Arkansas.
I found a new friend, but he is a lil more flexible than me.
You would be surprised where you will find historic connections to Agriculture. Trinidad was a huge stopping point on the Santa Fe trail because of it’s proximity to the Raton pass.
Many of the buildings in downtown were built using funds derived from cattle drives and the cowboys that came along with them.
Some very cool dilapidated buildings downtown Trinidad.
Just the view in the backyard of downtown Trinidad.
Oh how I miss seeing the peaks everyday like I did in Wyoming.
We were looking, but never saw any elk.
There was a great view headed back toward Raton, NM coming down from the pass.
Back in the foothills headed back to the High Plains of the Panhandle. Just one last hill.

Oh boy, being back in the mountains for only a day was like being in another world. Yeah, I’ll admit it. I was the kid in the candy store. Not a bad day trip for a guy who has only been out of the Central Time Zone two times in my whole life prior to this trip. Maybe living in the Panhandle does have its perks.

I found it interesting how I can find historical ties to Agriculture where ever I find myself. Trinidad has strong ties to the cattle drives at the end of the 19th century. What historical ties to Agriculture do towns in your area claim?