Taking a look at previous posts, I realized I have been short on information about pork producers. Well, it is about time I fix that. This week I would like to share with you a video from the Illinois Farm Bureau Youtube Channel. This video gives viewers a tour of a hog farm with 3rd generation Illinois livestock producer Chad Leman. Take a gander and join in the discussion about pork production. Be sure to take a look at my points listed below after you watch this video.

  • Have you ever visited a hog farm? If so, is this like what you have seen?
  • Are you familiar with the extent hog farms go to maintain biosecurity between facilities? Notice how Chad changes footwear in the video.
  • Do you know why hog producers separate young pigs from their mothers at close to 4 weeks of age?
  • Did you catch all of the thought and planning that goes into maintaining a comfortable environment for growing pigs? Why go through all of this trouble is animal comfort is not important?
  • Did you notice how tall the corn is compared to Chad? Now that is some good fertilizer. Recycle. Reuse.
  • Do you know any hog farmers in your area? I am sure there are some that would love to offer an educational visit.

Meet a pork producer online at the I am Agriculture Proud Facebook group.