In a  time when it is so important to put a “face on the farmer” and connect consumers with their food from the farm to the plate, social media and blogs have become a great outreach to tell and show a real story from real producers. This dairy woman uses photos and video to share her experiences on the Cal-Poly dairy in “A Dairy Goddess’s Blog“.

As a third generation dairy farmer, Barbara Martin shares her experiences in the dairy industry in an effort to connect consumers with the source of their dairy products. In the spotlight of her blog, Chica, a cow from the Cal-Poly dairy, is a great attraction for many consumers to learn about dairy production in the state of California. Barbara shows how work on a dairy may not always be “goddess-like” but great care is taken to produce a wholesome dairy product for consumers.

Take a minute to look up this great blog. Take a look at one of several video included in Barbara’s posts and learn some interesting facts about the dairy industry and how these products arrive in your grocery store. Also take a minute to look up the Dairy Goddess on Twitter. It’s sure to be a learning experience!