Agriculture meets technology? How can this be? I thought all farmers and ranchers were supposed to be confined to the outdoors, in rural America, working away their lives. This cannot be farther from the truth. Agriculturalists are finding new ways to share their stories and connect with others from all across the globe. So how can you find all of these aggies in social media? There are many great ways to search for these Ag-Techies.

Twitter users can tag their posts with unique phrases and words to make for easy searching. Some of my favorite tags include #AgProud (of course this came from this blog!), #Agchat, #AgFact, #AgBlog, #Agvocate, #Ag, and many, many more.

How do you use these tags? For me it is simple, I stick to my interests.Here are some examples of Twitter posts, using the tags.

  • Starting my day at the #cattle #feedlot. I am #AgProud to have a part in raising great #Beef for the world!
  • I am long way from the #ranch, but all of these #cattle sure make me feel at home.
  • How are recent rains affecting #corn production in your area? #Agchat
  • Did you know, #cattle have 4 stomachs that help them digest different forages and grains? #AgFact
  • I am an #Agvocate today as I share my story of working in a #feedlot. How will you share your #Ag story?
  • I have a new #AgProud #blog post talking about a #pork producer in #Arkansas. #AgBlog #Agchat
  • I want to #ThankAFarmer and #ThankARancher for my #steak and

It is simple and easy to follow these tags and the people who use them. These make Twitter a great place to connect with those Ag-Techies who are sharing their stories. There a tag being used for your interest. Just take a look and see what you can find.