Well the day has finally come. I am moving to Texas today. Who else is a little nervous about me starting my first “real job”?

One thing I have already learned: ALWAYS make a reservation for a U-haul trail before the day you need it. There was not a single trailer in Stillwater, so I had the 1-800 people looking for one. They messed up my reservation and had it set for two days later. After a few calls to local people, I finally found one in Cushing, Oklahoma, about 30 miles away. Now I have most of my things loaded and I am ready to take off.

Look forward to some great posts as soon as I get into a normal schedule. I know I have been sporadic as far as posting goes lately, but I plan on using this blog and my Working Ranch blog to share some great knowledge and insight through working in the feedlots. It’s going to be a great learning opportunity for all of us, so be sure send a link to those who will find interest in the topic.

Well I can’t waste too much time. It was about 85 when I was loading the trailer last night, and it’s not getting any cooler now that the sun is up. Now get on down the road and let’s get to Dalhart, Texas! Oh sweet cattle country where there are only two towns in the whole county and the feedlot I will be working has a capacity of 69,000 cattle. Whew!