— Welcome to our corner of the world! Welcome to the inspiration of two ranch girls Amy Brown and Anna-Lisa Giannini and our experiences cooking on a budget with beef while we are going to college and living in town. We want to share with you how easy it is to eat well, while also eating healthy and enjoying every bite all the while making every dollar count!

Beef on a Budget is what Anna-Lisa and Amy feel like they can do to contribute to beef. To encourage the consumption and nutritional benefits of the great product that is their family’s livelihood. To share recipes ideas and quick shortcuts for people who want great food FAST and EASY and AFFORDABLE.

Come by often, the site will be ever updating and expanding with new recipes we have created. Leave comments of what you would like to know more about, and tips you can share with our readers in your day to day life of eating the tastiest protein source in the meat case! Find Beef on a Budget on Twitter (@BeefonaBudget)