As the semester ends, classes are wrapping up. Students are getting anxious to get outside and away from the classroom. What better way to get outside than learning all about pregnancy checking your cows with a Reproduction Physiologist! Yeah that is right; they have a class for that.

Last week my Animal Reproduction Lab took a trip to the campus dairy to get some experience with cattle palpation (Talk about some “hands-on” learning!) All semester we have observed, dissected, and evaluated bull, cow, heifer, and gilt reproductive tracts to gain a better understanding of the concepts that we are learning in lecture. I can sit and look at that mass on the lab table all day, but that does not mean that I will know what I am feeling when I palpate a cow for the first time. So our final lab of the semester was spent at the dairy learning to locate the cervix of the cow and learn the basics of AIing cows.

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