My Brain is Tired

My last week of classes is over with. Next week is “Dead Week” so technically I can say that classes for the semester are over. I have 3 short assignments to finish and it’s off to the last 4 finals of my college career. My brain is tired. You can call it Senioritis, Spring Fever, what ever you may. I’m just tired of processing all of this information and I am ready to apply it already. I am tired of classes, exams, being stuck inside, and studying.

I am super excited to move to Dalhart, Texas at the end of May, to get started working with JBS Five Rivers, and start applying all this stuff I have been cramming in for the last four years. The opportunity to work with the guys at Dalhart is an amazing opportunity. I am still trying to digest the fact that I will soon start a job with the largest cattle feeding operation in the world. That’s like starting work for ESPN in the world of sports broadcasting. (That’s just what comes to mind since I have the NFL Draft on TV now) I am so excited about the opportunity and it’s making concentration on classes even harder.

Next week is Calf Fry here in Stillwater. I am excited that I have no class assignments to speak of, so it’s gonna be a week to enjoy. I came in to college enjoying my time, and it would be good to wrap up my time enjoying college when I leave. Cause I know I haven’t done much of that in the last two years here in Stillwater. What more can one ask for than 4 straight nights of Red Dirt concerts!

So there is a lot to be excited about. A start to a great job coming up. A new start in a new town and state. (Still not real sure about the whole becoming a Texas resident thing, ugh) And a great week ahead. Oh yeah….And Graduation on the 8th! But my brain is still tired….

Ryan Goodman works in grassroots advocacy with beef cattle farmers and ranchers across the United States. He is a proud alumnus of Oklahoma State University, with studies focusing on cattle reproduction and nutrition. Ryans
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