My last week of classes is over with. Next week is “Dead Week” so technically I can say that classes for the semester are over. I have 3 short assignments to finish and it’s off to the last 4 finals of my college career. My brain is tired. You can call it Senioritis, Spring Fever, what ever you may. I’m just tired of processing all of this information and I am ready to apply it already. I am tired of classes, exams, being stuck inside, and studying.

I am super excited to move to Dalhart, Texas at the end of May, to get started working with JBS Five Rivers, and start applying all this stuff I have been cramming in for the last four years. The opportunity to work with the guys at Dalhart is an amazing opportunity. I am still trying to digest the fact that I will soon start a job with the largest cattle feeding operation in the world. That’s like starting work for ESPN in the world of sports broadcasting. (That’s just what comes to mind since I have the NFL Draft on TV now) I am so excited about the opportunity and it’s making concentration on classes even harder.

Next week is Calf Fry here in Stillwater. I am excited that I have no class assignments to speak of, so it’s gonna be a week to enjoy. I came in to college enjoying my time, and it would be good to wrap up my time enjoying college when I leave. Cause I know I haven’t done much of that in the last two years here in Stillwater. What more can one ask for than 4 straight nights of Red Dirt concerts!

So there is a lot to be excited about. A start to a great job coming up. A new start in a new town and state. (Still not real sure about the whole becoming a Texas resident thing, ugh) And a great week ahead. Oh yeah….And Graduation on the 8th! But my brain is still tired….