HSUS has been busy investing it’s money in the modern-day stocks. What exactly are they investing in? Restaurant chains. According to the HSUS website this is their reason for investing in the stocks:

Not long ago, The HSUS board of directors approved using a portion of our assets to purchase stock in companies, so we could use our influence as a shareholder to exert pressure and educate other shareholders and corporate executives. Just recently, The HSUS filed the first two of nearly a dozen planned shareholder proposals focused on corporate practices tied to animal cruelty and suffering.

America’s favorite drink stop and drive in, Sonic, was one of the first to bow to the Animal Rights organization. Here is a release from Meatingplace.com on the topic:

klahoma Based Sonic Bows to HSUS


In an news report from Meatingplace, the Oklahoma City based food chain Sonic Drive Ins have decided to make demands on their suppliers of pork and eggs going forward. “Sonic Corp., the drive-in restaurant chain, said it will begin requiring all suppliers to undergo independent audits of their livestock and poultry handling practices in an effort to promote the humane treatment of farm animals. Sonic said it is asking its suppliers to focus on employee training in humane animal-handling practices and ongoing verification of practices. Companies that continue to fail to meet Sonic’s animal welfare guidelines will be excluded from its supply chain, Sonic said. ” Specifically, Sonic said it will challenge its poultry suppliers to convert to an animal welfare-friendly controlled atmosphere killing system (CAS). Animal welfare-friendly is defined as no dumping or shackling live birds and using inert gases. Sonic said it will favor suppliers that raise hogs in a gestation crate-free environment.
Egg suppliers will be required to meet United Egg Producer (UEP) standards for housing and other poultry practices. Sonic does not support the withdrawal of food or water to facilitate molting or support improperly controlled or managed beak trimming.

Meatingplace points out that Sonic is one of a number of fast food chains that HSUS has bought stock in and is demanding policy statements similar to those that Sonic has just announced. These policies as demanded by HSUS are in line with the political goals that HSUS is seeking in states across the country. Going back to last spring, the head of the HSUS admitted that the policies they seek are not science based, but rather are arbitrary standards that their board and staff have developed to fit their opinions of animal well being.

This really concerns me because the “pressure and education” that corporate executives is the slanted and misinformed view of the HSUS. These corporate executives being targeted by HSUS need to hear the real story of American Farmers and Livestock producers.

Do you have any information on what companies are being targeted by this campaign from the HSUS? If so, please let me know. We as America’s Food Producers should work together to inform these companies of the real story of producers instead of the slanted, misinformed view from HSUS. Will you help me with this?