I am a steward of the environment.
I work to be as sustainable as possible.
Using available resources efficiently is the name of my game.

My peers make up a small proportion of America.
But my workforce drives American jobs.
And my products drive the American economy.

On average, I am 57 years old.
More than half the time, this job is a secondary income.
At the same time, this job requires work 24/7/365

I cover more than 922,095,840 acres in America.
In 2007, I sold products valued at $297,220,491,000.
In 2007, I spent $241,113,666,000 in America.

My work affects every person in the world, every day.
If you eat it, I harvested it.
If you wear it, I grew it.

I am the American Farmer.
I am the American Rancher.
I am American Agriculture.

This is just a glimpse of the job description for American Production Agriculture. What else can you think of that describes American Agriculture? Have you given thanks to a farmer or rancher today?