Well, I am done spinning the tires on my ole truck, for this week at least. I made the trip down to Fort Worth this weekend for my interview with TCU Ranch Management. I am really worn out, so this will be quick. (Hope I don’t fall asleep before I reach the end! Haha)

The RM program at TCU seems pretty prestigious to me. Any program that has an after hours dress code and an alumni the likes of Winthrop Rockefeller, certainly should be pretty doggone reputable. If you don’t know of the Rockefeller group from Arkansas, you should take the time to look them up. I was really impressed about the seriousness of the program. In a way, it was a relief to hear. I was a little afraid it could be something of a “Ranching-101” but let’s throw that idea out the door, burn it, and bury it right now.

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Sorry to my followers who keep wanting to read all of my posts. I am just getting started on the Working Ranch site and I am still working on maintaining both blogs. But don’t worry, I will work it out soon!

Have a Great week!