So I have realized that I am passionate about the beef industry. It is a way of life for me and something that I hold as a defining characteristic of mine. Along with that comes an interest in news and rallies against the industry. I have also come to realize that I am a very old person…haha not really, but I am sitting here at 7 in the morning, on my second mug of coffee reading my daily Beef Magazine update.

I also read the blog on the update daily and it brings up some relative points in the industry from day to day. Although I think Amanda Nolz rambles on about the same thing sometimes, she occasionally has some new and valid points.

I like that this blog has started a random Beef industry fact of the day, so I figured why not share them on here too! Here are the last to ‘random Beef facts of the day:

The “Producer Code for Cattle Care,” first developed in 1996, is a comprehensive set of sound production practices, which includes the following recommendations:
-Provide adequate food, water and care to protect cattle health and well-being.
-Provide disease prevention practices to protect herd health.
-Provide facilities that allow safe and humane movement and/or restraint of livestock.
-Provide personnel with training to properly handle and care for cattle.
The Code’s animal welfare focus is clear: Persons who willfully mistreat animals will not be tolerated.
Animal Welfare Fact Sheet

Today’s U.S. farmer feeds approximately 144 people around the world each year. In the United States, consumers spend less disposable income on groceries than any other place in the world.