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Trail Boss’ Cowboy Cookbook

Last night I was pacing the kitchen, digging through the fridge, looking for something to eat. A few weeks ago I bought some flat-iron steaks on sale and stuck them in the freezer for safe keeping. There’s a start. I love my beef, but it’s nice to do something with it. On the counter I […]

Meeting Today’s Beef Demands

So I’m really not a fan of saturating a conversation with facts and figures, but I saw this video from Merck Animal Health and thought it worth a share. Doing less with more. That is today’s American Cattle Farmers and Ranchers. Sustainablebeef.org has much more information on sustainable beef production practices.

The Future Of Farming

I’m sure you have seen the show Dirty Jobs featuring Mike Rowe and is adventures diving into some of the “dirtiest” jobs Americans tackle on a daily basis. Have you checked out his website mikeroweworks.com, or more specifically his blog on Farming, Fishing, and Food? It’s something to check out if you haven’t. Back in […]

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