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Diversity in Forage Management

Remember the cross-country trip I took late this past summer? It was 2,600 miles filled with fun and new experiences. More importantly, it was a great experience to learn more about diversity in forage management from producers across the country. No matter the environment in, no one style of management fits every farm or ranch. […]


Armyworms Impact Southern Pastures

This month you begin seeing ranchers scouting the fields (rather what’s left of them), or even on their knees with hands in the grass. Other than praying for rain, we’re looking for an army of caterpillars. These are not your average young butterfly, but rather, as a group, these worms can wipe out pastures in […]

Why Am I Mowing Pastures: Part 2

Why do livestock producers mow pastures? As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, today I’ll let Jesse Bussard, a graduate student at Kentucky, do a little explaining of cleaning pastures from a forage perspective. Thanks Jesse for helping out! I was posed the question, “Why do we brush hog (mow) pastures?” by Ryan this past week.  If […]

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