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Agriculture Internships – tips to maximize the opportunities

Growing up on a diversified cattle ranch, I had the great opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the cattle business from an early age. I had a deep dive into a large-scale cow-calf and stocker business; our family vacations were traveling to Amarillo, Texas to see our cattle in the feedlots. Despite having such an […]

A word on organizational culture, diversity and inclusion

This year has proven to be challenging. I have been presented with opportunities to stand up for the ethics and values I have been taught my entire life. Our communities – whether those be defined by race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or a rural-urban divide – are often passionate about our deeply rooted beliefs, which […]

Dealing with Unemployment and Finding a Career Path

On a Monday in mid-December, I received the unexpected news of company-wide layoffs as the business was restructuring. The company was relatively new in a competitive marketplace. Our rate of adoption was slow, but I’ve come to expect that when the world of agriculture meets technology. Investors wanted more and they wanted it yesterday. When […]

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