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Meat Is The Enemy For Vegan Punk Rock Star

I love flying and airports. The people watching often reaches gold or platinum level and everyone has a story to tell. It’s one of the off-line opportunities I have observe culture outside of my immediate areas and gives me a chance to gain new perspectives. I almost always walk through a bookstore or two while […]

Checking the Facts on Chris Leonard’s “The Meat Racket”

Earlier this month, the efforts continued to look at food and meat production with a nostalgic yearning for yesterday. This time it’s another book with a critical eye on the meat and poultry industries in the United States. I’ve shared information about these conversations in the past, including the “glass walls project” with a transparent […]

Gaining Ground – Saving the Family Farm (Book Review and Giveaway)

The family farm will continue as long as its existence is valued. There is strength in a family, and balance. The earth appears to respond to these things. And who is to say what defines a family? Certainly not I. My best attempt would suggest a congregation of like-minded hearts. Saving the family farm will […]

Book Review: Lessons From A Desperado Poet – Baxter Black

Lesson #20: Remember, often it’s not ability, it’s reliability. The world is run by those who show up. Back in February while at the the National Cattle Industry Convention, I had the opportunity to meet Baxter Black and receive a copy of his latest book – Lessons from a Desperado Poet: How to find you […]

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