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Agriculture Proud and a Blue Cow

It’s something special to reflect back on work started 5 years ago and see how far it goes and develops. For me, I never would have imagined the response that initial post received. Now, 5 years and 1,000 blog posts down the road, it’s amazing to see just how far the thought of being “Agriculture […]

Ag Day Celebrating Agriculture From California to North Dakota

Jenny Dewey is a country girl at heart. Born and raised in Northern California and growing up in her parent’s butcher shop and deli, agriculture has always been a part of her life. She recently followed her heart to North Dakota where she is now engaged to a sunflower farmer and works at his ag […]

National Ag Day – Celebrate Agriculture Diversity

Yeah I think it’s THAT big of an event and I want to get everyone involved. March 8th is National Ag Day in America. A day set aside to celebrate the contributions and abundance of the agriculture community around us. This also begins the 3rd year behind my Agriculture Proud efforts. In 2010, I wrote […]

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