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Federal Judge Strikes Down Principle of Idaho Ag Law

So-called “ag gag” laws hit the news again this week as a federal judge struck down the principle behind an Idaho law that aimed to protect farmers from undercover investigations by activists. The laws have been hotly debated over the past few years, which I’ve followed on several occasions. When I lived in Tennessee, the […]

Agriculture must be more proactive on “ag gag” and animal cruelty standards

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity for a great chat with an Associated Press reporter out of Iowa on the subject of “ag gag” bills and laws. I’ve written about this series of bills earlier on this blog (perspective from Tennessee, on CNN Eatocracy, how they affect farm transparency, and asking if consumers really […]

How do ‘ag gag’ laws affect farm transparency?

Do you feel that the so-called “ag gag” bills are prohibitive? Will these laws hamper efforts to stop animal cruelty? Does this impede our efforts for transparency in the food systems? I will start this off with a disclaimer that I am not very familiar with the legislation being passed. I am not educated in legal issues, […]

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