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Care for your Livestock

Here is something a little more interactive for you. How would you fill in these blanks about livestock care? Our family values the care of our animals. When we move calves, we _____________ I believe that animals deserve to be respected & on our family farm we do this through _____________ We protect our animals […]

Sitting in the Pasture… This is a  blog from a young cattleman finishing college and getting a start working in the Texas feedyards. I will share anything from new experiences. I pass on lots of information that I learn about the cattle industry and occasionally share some of the fun that I may be having. Also find me […]

Rancher’s Journal This is a blog hosted by Working Ranch Magazine. The blog currently features three authors who are part of the cattle industry. Each share’s their own “Rancher’s Journal” and document interesting activities that come with work in the cattle industry. Hear the story of a ranch hand, the wife of a stocker operator, and […]

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