Casting Call: Hollywood-Perfect Ranching Family

California Hollywood Ranching Family Casting Call
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No lie, this cropped up in my inbox a few weeks back. I hope you see the same humor in it that I do. A Hollywood casting call is looking for that perfect ranching family. They will all need to have rugged good looks, witty humor, chase grizzlies by day, write poetry and play the harmonica by night. Let me know if you find them.

[Entertainment Group] is now casting for authentic and colorful cowboys and their families that live the throwback cowboy and ranching lifestyle.  They should spend more time on their horse then they do in their truck!

The following are examples of the types of families that we’re looking for and the lifestyle elements they should embody:

  • All members of the family need to live a classic cowboy lifestyle and have rugged good looks.  Family should have outgoing parents with at least 3 kids, ages ranging from 17 – 35, that are all great looking cowboys and cowgirls.  Active grandparents are a plus.
  • Family needs to be working stunning ranches with diverse terrain and challenges – chasing grizzlies and wolves away from cattle, the struggles of raising crops and making a profit, battling weather elements to keep livestock safe and alive.
  • Family and staff of the ranch must be involved in the country lifestyle: hunting, fishing, trapping, building cabins and structures, herding cattle, sheering sheep, farming, rodeos every weekend, etc.
  • Members of the family and staff should have fun hobbies and skills like singing, play the guitar or harmonica, write and recite poetry, cook the best BBQ in the county, make their own clothes, raise bees or have wild animals as pets, raise bulls, or be an aspiring bull rider or rodeo participant.
  • All members of the family need to have big, strong personalities with great and unique looks.

We’re looking for dynamic, engaging and uninhibited families that live the lifestyle.

If you know this family, someone’s looking to bring around the camera crew! Maybe the casting call isn’t horrible, but the context of the request sure made me laugh. I’m not suggesting there aren’t some great and talented ranching families out there, but many of the films we see from Rodeo Drive California are romanticized and scripted for audiences. This makes me wonder, what would ranch life really look like if someone followed my family around with a camera on a normal day…


  1. This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Is this really people’s idea of what a ranching family is. We never chased grizzlies – just a coyote or a black bear once in a while that wandered down from the mountains. We didn’t even ride horses much. But as I’ve said before, we raised beef cattle, fed ’em, watered ’em, got ’em bred, calved ’em, showed ’em, judged ’em, rounded ’em up, doctored ’em, preg-checked ’em, – loved ’em and lived ’em. Heck, we weren’t even out west but lived on the east coast most of our life. And so do a lot of other good cowboys and cattlemen. But I guess we don’t count ’cause we don’t fit this profile and we don’t live out west. And I had to get on Facebook to find out we’ve lived a sham all of our lives!

  2. ” This makes me wonder, what would ranch life really look like if someone followed my family around with a camera on a normal day…”

    Answer = It would look like what ranching actually is rather than a stereo type casting call description.

    Just sayin’. 😉

    1. Good point Betsy. And certainly one that I work on. Hopefully, despite the humor that I find in this, it’ll show a bit of light on how others might actually perceive ranching.

  3. I’ve actually had a couple of Skype conversations with some TV producers looking to do a ranch-based reality show, which has been pretty surreal. They’re quite a bit more grounded than this bunch, but still looking for ‘drama’. Me, I’d rather see humor than a bunch of people bitching at each other all day.

    On second thought, other than the age of their kids my cousin Beau and his family come about as close as you can to meeting this description. Yes, even including chasing grizzlies.

  4. This description cracks me up – I’d love to see what is produced down the line from this starting point. Quite sad that that overall theme (other than “rodeo”) is good looks.

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