College Football is here!

Oklahoma State Pistol Pete Meme Orange Friday
It’s Orange Friday and you can bet I’m sporting the #OkState Orange top boots today!

Just a quick post today! I am pretty darn excited that college football is finally here! Now I can have something to talk about besides cows and my #gradschoolproblems.

My Oklahoma State Cowboys take on Mississippi State in Houston tomorrow afternoon. We’re picked to win the Big 12 by some polls, so it should prove to be an interesting season. We enter the season ranked No.13 in the AP Preseason poll. I’m pretty sure the Conference Championship is up for grabs and there are several teams that may capture the prize.

The Pokes have a few promising options at quarterback, as usual I expect us to have an explosive offense. If the defense holds up their end of the deal, it should make for some great games against the likes of TCU, Kansas State, Texas, and Oklahoma.

I’ll actually be on campus in Knoxville as Tennessee opens up against Austin Peay. ย The Volunteers have a new coach, so it may prove to be an interesting season, though the SEC is a pretty rough conference once again this year. I just hope Alabama doesn’t make it all the way to the NC game again.

Who’s your team? How will they fare this season?

And for a little fun, here’s your Dip em and Pick em for Week 1 from Earl Dibbles Jr.


  1. The Texas Aggies kick off their season this Sat at 1pm est. I’m looking forward to the game! Even though Johnny Football is sitting out the first half I don’t expect too much trouble from Rice! Whoop!

    1. I’ve been watching the A&M news this week too. Surprised he only got a half game suspension. Didn’t know the NCAA could use such a small punishment.

      I’m counting on the Aggies to beat Bama here in a few weeks!

  2. I can hear the excitement in your pen…will Flat Ryan make an appearence, maybe find his way onto the sidelines?! I, too hope OK St wins too but for entirely different reasons…they are 1 of my 5 picks on a 5-5 they should cover 13 pts right?

    1. I don’t know if #flatryan will make an appearance in TN, but I did hear he is excited about the Michigan State game tonight.

      13 points? ESPN Big 12 blogger has them 38-24. We’ll see if that holds. Ok State is 8-1 vs SEC recently, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

  3. Hi Ryan,

    Just had to leave my first comment. My best friend is an Ok State Cowboy as well. We have such a great time during the College Football Season and am soooooo glad it is finally here! But, I have to let you in on a little secret…Bama’s going to win it all again this year!!!



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