Well… I’m really not sure how I’ve been able to contain my excitement, but I’m finally able to share some great news about where the road will take me next. After several months of graduate school (and a few more to go), I have an awesome journey ahead!

montana stockgrowers

Beginning this August, I am the new Manager of Communications for the Montana Stockgrowers Association. I will be based in Helena, Montana, but will not be leaving Tennessee until I finish my Master’s degree research work and in November will begin working full-time. I’ve always admired the focus on environmental stewardship and rich heritage of farmers and ranchers in that region and am very excited to have a future working with them.

A little more about my job: I will be managing communcations efforts for MSGA, working with producers and members of the cattle industry across the state. MSGA already has great programs built around sharing stories directly from Montana ranchers and I look forward to building on that.

The Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA) is a non-profit membership organization based in Helena, MT that has worked on behalf of Montana’s cattle ranching families since 1884. Our mission is to protect and enhance Montana ranch families’ ability to grow and deliver safe, healthy, environmentally wholesome beef to the world. We work to achieve our mission by representing our members and the policy they set at the Montana Legislature and U.S. Congress, with governmental agencies, in the media, and by promoting the work of Montana’s family ranchers to the general public.

Look for some great posts on the MSGA social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Website. Also, look for a revival of a MSGA blog to help us share our story.

I am very excited to be working with Errol Rice, Lauren Chase, and the rest of the team in Montana.

Now to hit the grindstone and finish that thesis in the next few months…