Jason Boland always has been and always will be one of my favorite Red Dirt/Texas Country artists. There’s a lot of truth in this song. In fact, I enjoy the entire Dark and Dirty Mile album.

Lyrics for Jason Boland “Nine Times Out of Ten”
It may not be the same thing you believe
Most folks have a sense of right and wrong
The forces that we feel but cannot see
The love within our heart it plays a song
You walk around until they can hear no more
The word it was a virus through the land
From the mountains down to the southern shore
The hour glass burns through those grains of sand
We learned a long time ago, there’s no winners in the game
You lie with dogs you’ll end up with fleas
Nine times out of ten you know it all turns out the same
Dying on your feet, you’re livin on your knees
Oh the art of war is always to deceive
They sell the very rope from which we hang
The answer is to turn the other cheek
While they piss down your neck and call it rain
There’s no left, no right, there’s only in between
The low is just reflected from above
Those who will discover what that means
Will come to understand along with us