Thankful for Snail Mail surprises

I guess life’s not all bad. I’m stuck in the office most of the time. I don’t mind getting there so early that it’s dark outside, but I do miss the sunrises every day. It does stink to leave the office when it’s dark too. So I am thankful daylight hours are getting longer.

Apparently the Smoky Mountains don’t hold snow quite like the Rockies do. I came home today and say a fresh coat of snow on the peaks! It’s something to get excited about. I miss seeing views like the mountain peaks in Colorado. Unfortunately, I live too close to the Smokies to see the peaks from the house. But this view isn’t too bad…

View Smoky Mountain TennesseeThen I got another surprise. I love snail mail. I’ve received some interesting gifts that only an agnerd would appreciate, and I’ve also received a lot of postcards. My postcard project from a few years back is still going strong. I don’t have all 50 states yet, but I haven’t updated my list of state agfacts in a while either. One of these days… Any way, I was excited to receive a postcard this week from Louisiana along with some great agfacts!

"Louisiana is the No.1 state in the nation for production of crawfish, shrimp, alligator, and oysters. They produce 25% of all seafood in the U.S." Thanks Caroline Roper!
“Louisiana is the No.1 state in the nation for production of crawfish, shrimp, alligator, and oysters. They produce 25% of all seafood in the U.S.” Thanks Caroline Roper!

I also received another great gift in the mail from Hays, Kansas! The Fort Hays State University Agronomy Club used my quote on their t-shirts and sent me one as a gift. Thanks for the work ya’ll and keep up the great work!

Agriculture Tshirt Quote

Agronomy Club Tshirt Fort Hays Kansas

By the way, the quote on the shirt is from my blog and pages:

Agriculture, It’s more than part of life. It’s a passion, a lifestyle, a resilient community that works hard to feed the world!–Ryan Goodman

I don’t care what anyone says, I think snail mail ROCKS! Who knows what will end up in my mail box next…

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  1. I can see the Catoctin mountains from my house less than a couple of miles away. When I drive into Frederick from the south or east and get over that last hill, the view is always breathtaking! They aren’t the Rockies or the Smokies or even the Taconics (some of the oldest on earth!), but they are beautiful never-the-less, even when they aren’t snow covered, which is most of the time. Being from northern Ohio and having lived in New York state and New England, I can do without the snow. And I can be at the ocean in a couple of hours and on a large farm in a matter of minutes with dairy or beef, sheep or horses. I love it here! So glad we settled in Maryland!

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