Well Christmas turned out pretty swell. Christmas Eve was our traditional family get together with the aunt and uncle where we had mexican food and played quelf until we were sore from laughing. Christmas Day the family got up early opened gifts and got ready to head to the grandparents. It’s weird having all of the siblings now college-age. The gifts are all clothes or books or movies. No toys strolled across the house to step on. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just different.

My step mom did something really cool for me. I told her earlier that all I wanted for Christmas was Time, Rest, and Focus. So what did she do? She gave me an alarm clock (that actually moos), a new pillow, and a set of binoculars. Pretty crafty!

On Christmas we all went to the grandparents’ new apartment. Everyone had to leave early because freezing rain started falling in the early afternoon. It soon began sleeting which eventually transitioned to snow. Our lights flickered all night, but luckily we survived the storm with electricity unlike so many in Arkansas. All said and done we received about a foot of snow at the house with drifts up to my knees. One of the largest snows in Arkansas history, only the state’s 4th official White Christmas.

The next day I went with my dad to feed cattle, which took us all day. Everything in the snow requires twice as much effort. We don’t have any equipment to deal with the snow in Arkansas, nevermind an entire foot of the white stuff. It doesn’t help that most all of our winter storms start out as ice, so there’s a nice slick base layer we always have to deal with.

I headed back to Tennessee early, tired of the snow and not being able to go see the people I wanted, but also with the looming work that is hanging over my head. I just want to get this darn research over with. Grad school is overrated.

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